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Hi Joe,

Yes we are still in the market.
Our ideal would be as follows:

No more than 15 minutes to Ballan
Prefer Ballarat side of Ballan (but not essential)
Mount Egerton / Gordon
Close to school bus route

Twenty acres or larger preferred
Dont want to be overlooked by others
Land preferred above a house
Looking for some sort of view, preferably of trees, reservoir etc
Would like a dam or lake on property (or a location to add one)
Planning would obviously need to allow construction of a dwelling

Will go smaller block if a great view
Will buy a house if a great view (would need to be four bed and two bath or expandable to this)
Will renovate if need be
Services connections not essential
If a block, we would prefer to stay around 600 to 800k but would go higher if perfect. For a house we could go up to $1.5m if perfect (noting I have high expectations regarding design and level of finish).